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The Corral Opens Submissions for 2024 by: Delani Bauer

The Corral is accepting submissions through March 18.

The Corral began in 1906 and is known as Hardin-Simmons University’s artistic journal.  It is student-led, and the artwork comes from students, like you.  A new edition of this journal is published every spring semester.  After taking a break due to the coronavirus, the journal is now back. It may be accessed digitally through their website, and past editions are available to view in the Richardson Library.  Now is your chance to get your work featured in the Spring 2024 edition.

There are a broad range of genres in which you can submit your work.  Submissions of short fiction, poetry, images, creative art videos, and creative nonfiction are all accepted.  There is a limit of five works of poetry, two works of creative short nonfiction, and two pieces of short fiction.  Writing submissions may be no longer than 2,000 words.  You may also submit various forms of digital artwork. The Corral has expanded to include theatre or musical pieces and photography. 

You do not have to be an art major in order to submit your work.  The journal welcomes any HSU student to contribute their original creative pieces.  Each student can have five works of art and five pieces of photography published.

Works can not be submitted anonymously.  The staff wants all the artists to be recognized for their outstanding works.  Each contributor will be  acknowledged on the Corral webpage.  You may write an author biography so that readers will know more about you and your piece.

The selection process for submitting your pieces is simple and unbiased. All you need to do is digitally submit your art and wait for an email of acceptance for your submissions.  A link to submit your project is located on HSU Central under announcements.

You may submit work assigned for your classes.  As long as your work is original, it does not matter if it was done for a specific class project or not.

Dr. Laura Pogue, professor of English and Dr. Jason King, professor of English and writing, serve as advisors to those students responsible for The Corral. 

The purpose of The Carrol is for students to share their art with peers, staff, alumni and community members to share in creative expression.  It is a fun way to express yourself and connect with other like-minded individuals.  Do not hesitate to submit your work this Spring.


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