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Hardin-Simmons University Political Communication Students Visit Presidential Museums

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Felicity Neptune, Staff Reporter

Professor of Communication, Dr. Joseph Bailey recently took his political communication class to visit The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza as well as the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

“In our political communication class, we studied different presidents and their campaigns. However, we studied a little more on the different presidents that had major crises... I had been to both museums before but I notice different things each time I go,” said Ryanne Krueger, a strategic communication major at HSU.

While at The Sixth Floor Museum, students received an audio guide connected to their cell phones, which was narrated by reporter Pierce Allman from 1963. With this guide, students were able to explore the museum at their own pace while the narrator gave very clear verbal directions regarding what exhibit is next.

Before even entering the museum, the class stood in Dealey Plaza and learned where the exact location of John F. Kennedy’s assassination took place. Following Dealey Plaza tour, students stood in the corner room of the sixth floor where it is believed Lee Harvey Oswald stood the day of Kennedy’s assassination.

At the George W. Bush Presidential Center, students toured the museum and learned all about his life as president, focusing on how he dealt with crises in the White House. Exhibits in the museum include what happened during 9/11 and what Bush did as president during such a crisis, a section regarding his involvement overseas and how he balanced his personal life with his presidential life. An interactive exhibit gave students the chance to play as president and make decisions during various crises.

Malia Williams, a strategic communication major at HSU, shared her thoughts about the trip. “I really liked this trip because it went along with what we had been talking about over the semester and that it was about important people who govern our country. It was a really great experience and I’d gladly do it again,” Williams said.

Although all strategic communication majors are required to take the political communication course, any student is allowed to register. To learn more about the course, contact your advisor or email Dr. Bailey at


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