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Throwback Thursday for the ‘BSM’ By: Jonathan Lumpkin

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

On this day 44 years ago, elections for the Baptist Student Ministry, previously known as the Baptist Student Union, were announced in Vol. 64, No. 19, Ed. 1 of The HSU Brand. It is very interesting looking back in time at the history of both The Brand newspaper and the Baptist Student Ministry. The BSM used to be titled Baptist Student Union (BSU) and had a very different structure compared to how it is currently. Despite the difference in structure, the goals of this organization are virtually the same they were nearly half a century ago. The BSU of 1977-1978 still had officers such as president, vice-president, chairman and secretary as opposed to BSM Director, Intern and Ministry Team Leader . Here is a glimpse into the history of the BSM:


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