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Throwback Thursday: HSU School of Music By: Lauren Jackson

Looking back to 1972, Hardin-Simmons University’s choral groups have come a long way worth commemorating.

Including the world-famous Cowboy Band, chorale, jazz, concert band and much more, the HSU School of Music probably has a special organization for all who are interested in joining. For example, the HSU Singing Men were a touring ensemble in the 1970s. The ensemble were able to travel to Japan in the summer of 1972 and continued to do so for many years. Today, two campus choir groups are available for students to join.

The concert choir on campus is a large ensemble open to all university students. This ensemble requires an audition that is held at the beginning of each fall semester. Designed for study and performance, it is the primary tour choir on campus and has performed by invitation throughout Texas.

The chorale is also another large ensemble open to all university students. It is designed for study and performance of major choral works. No audition is required to participate. If a student wishes to join, it is required that they participate in a placement hearing each fall semester.

Filled with talent, community and education, the HSU School of Music is nothing short of entertaining. Each year, HSU students are able to follow in the footsteps of those who have come before wearing the now famous chaps and cowboy hats or formal attire all across Texas representing HSU. Looking back at the growth of these musical organizations and the University itself, HSU is proud to continue an open invitation to students wanting to join an musical organization that not only teaches music education, but also what it means to be a performing HSU cowboy/cowgirl.


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