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Throwback Thursday: Spring Break Adventures By: Emily Williamson

Spring Break is always a long-awaited week off for both students and Hardin-Simmons University staff and faculty. Even COVID could not ruin the excitement for the traditional break this year.

For many years the tradition of spring break has given students an opportunity to make fun plans with family and friends. In a 2004 edition of The Brand, several students were polled about their plans.

For some, a week at home is the best way to spend time. Like Sarah Bakker (2004 article), freshman strategic communication major Emma Jones spent her week at home in Wellington with her family and catching up with old friends. Because of her usually busy schedule, this week was an opportunity for Jones to relax.

“This week was a time for me to reset,” Jones said. “I’m very involved on campus and I have an off campus-job, so being able to go home and not have a packed schedule was really nice.”

While many students traveled home for a restful week like Jones, others traveled a bit farther for some spring break adventures. Daron Pacheo, a junior finance major from Denver City, spent his break with friends in Nashville, Tenn.

“We went so many places,” Pacheo said. “We checked out all the live music we could. We then shopped until we literally dropped and ate a lot of good food.”

While COVID regulations are more strict in Tennessee than in Abilene, this did not stop the group from having a fun time and exploring locations like the Ryman Auditorium. Other HSU students went on vacations together in different southern states. Sophomore Keziah Chacko from Keller, who is double majoring in social work and psychology, spent her spring break in Arkansas and Missouri with friends.

“We started our adventure in Mountain Home, Ark. with a boat ride on the lake,” Chacko said. “Honestly, this was one of my favorite parts of the trip as the scenery was just breathtaking.”

Lisa Jackson and Clay Richardson (2004 article) spent their breaks similarly to Chacko and her friends. Exploring the outdoors and mountain wilderness was not the extent of Chacko’s adventures. A few more hours in the car and one nearly tragic ending for a Sunday-best outfit led the group to see a performance titled “Jesus” at Sight and Sound Theater in Branson, Mo.

“‘Jesus’... was amazing, and so worth all the struggles,” Chacko said. “It was a show that truly makes you fall in love with Christ all over again. I highly recommend you grab some buddies and experience the show for yourself.”

Whether you stayed in Abilene, went home or traveled to a new destination, a week off from classes is always a welcomed change and a time to recharge before taking on the last half of the semester. Remember not to take school breaks for granted, and finish your semester strong.


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