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Why Hallmark Movies Are A Pivotal Christmas Experience

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Ashley Herndon, Staff Reporter

Christmas is a truly magical time of year. From twinkling lights to curling up by a fire with hot chocolate, this annual holiday brings out the best in the world—especially in Hallmark movies. The moving love stories are made infinitely better by adding the glow of the season. Likewise, the holidays seem incomplete without the heartwarming romances Hallmark provides.

I cannot remember a single Christmas that my mother and I did not watch a slew of holiday movies during my school breaks. Each story, while seemingly having the same plot, introduced new characters who were longing for hope and connection. As a young girl, when my affinity for the films began, I related to the characters’ need for strong relationships. I was a loner for most of my childhood which is why the glittering lives of the people on screen seemed so appealing.

Flash forward to present day, I have many phenomenal friends and my love for Hallmark movies has only deepened. While I no longer need them to fill a missing connection, they bring back a child-like imagination. Yes, it is possible to win an inn. Yes, it is possible to switch lives with a princess. Yes, it is possible to find true love in less than a week. After all, in Hallmark, anything goes.

The reason this specific nature of Hallmark matters deeply to Christmas is due to the nature of Christmas itself. Christmas is for the dreamers, for the hopeful, for those longing for a break from the harshness of the mundane routine. Hallmark movies allow us to suspend our disbelief that miracles can’t happen. They allow us to believe in the unexpected and in chance.

Christmas Hallmark movies can brighten the viewers’ mood tremendously simply by portraying the festive vibe of the season. After all, that is why I decorate my house or listen to Christmas music or build gingerbread houses. Hallmark movies help create a holiday aesthetic in a home that is vital to boosting seasonal cheer.

These movies also provide entertainment that doesn’t require much thought. While most may view that negatively, I, however, appreciate laying back and not analyzing everything I watch. As a student, I am often consumed by constant studying and reading for classes. It is a nice mental break to enjoy a movie that does not require much intelligence to decipher.

Hallmark movies are an essential ingredient to a truly joyous Christmas. They help make the season seem brighter and your troubles seem lighter.


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