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Valentine’s Date Ideas in Abilene

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

By Annabelle Smallwood, Staff Writer

As Valentine’s Day keeps getting closer, couples are beginning to plan for the perfect date for this special day. This can sometimes be hard to do, especially while living in Abilene. However, there are still many things that will result in a perfect date night.

The typical date usually consists of going out to dinner and then seeing a movie, and this still applies in Abilene. With all of the great food and movie theaters, the two of you are bound to have a romantic night.

Makayla Hallford, a student at HSU, shared a great alternative to a typical movie night. “Just go to the drive-in and deck out your car with candles and warm blankets and snacks,” Hallford said.

Another great option is the Abilene Zoo. “I like to go on dates at the zoo because you are in

each other's presence, walking around and seeing things that you don’t usually get to see, like animals,” said Ben Frampton.

Even though all of these options are great, sometimes people do not want to spend a lot of money to go on dates like these. Skylar Bell Brenner prefers cheaper and more creative dates.

“My boyfriend and I have done most of the typical date ideas in Abilene, so we’ve learned to get creative and enjoy simpler, cheaper dates together. One of my favorite date ideas is buying a new board game that my boyfriend and I have never played and then going to a coffee shop. It’s always really fun getting competitive and learning a new game together,” Bell Brenner said.

“Another date idea we love is getting a book that we’re both interested in and going on a hike at Abilene State Park. We stop halfway through the hike to have a picnic and read together. We really love doing things outdoors, such as hiking, fishing, kayaking or just going on walks around Abilene Christian University’s track,” Bell Brenner said.

All of these date nights can make for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Even though the most important thing is spending quality time with each other, it is still beneficial to have fun while doing it!


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