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Visit the ACE Tutoring & Writing Center

By Karen Sanchez, Staff Reporter

During previous semesters, academic services such as the writing center, math center and tutoring service center were offered at their separate departmental areas located separate from one another. That has changed this fall as the integration of the new academic support structure of ACE has taken effect.

This year, all academic support structures have been relocated to one central location under the central supervision of the Director of Academic Center for Enrichment, Rachel King, and Coordinator for Academic Support, Veronica Aguirri.

Students can now head over to the Academic Center for Enrichment located on the first floor of the Richardson Library, and receive academic support from the ACE team. The ACE is open on Sunday’s from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., and Monday through Thursday from noon to 11 p.m. Though the center is closed on Friday and Saturday’s, students will still be able to coordinate appointments with ACE’s for individual support on those days.

All tutors, or ACE’s, are CRLA certified.

“We are working to become a CRLA certified school. We hope to have that distinction by the end of this semester,” King said.

ACE’s offer academic support in a variety of subjects from math and writing to theology and pathophysiology.

The ACE also offers a new service called “Faculty Facetime,” which provides students the opportunity to work directly with professors.

“Several of our faculty on campus have opted to swap an office hour or two from being in their office to actually working in the ACE, so students can come in and actually work with them if they want to,” King said.

The ACE will also be offering workshops, of no additional charge, to students in the coming weeks. The workshops will feature topics such as goal setting, time management, executive functioning and even stress management. These will be advertised on canvas and flyers around campus.

So far, the new academic support structure, ACE, looks to be off to a wonderful start.

“We really want to be able to better support students in their academic needs, and so, if there’s a suggestion or a need that comes up that we are not aware of, we are always happy to hear how we can support that,” King said.


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