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What’s new to Abilene after returning to campus? By: Noah Rubel

Returning to a university can seem monotonous after a while especially when you feel there is nothing new to do in town. Thankfully, Abilene has big things planned and already created that can attract a college student's attention.

A lot of students who attend Hardin-Simmons University do not come from Abilene. Students, like myself, can find themselves driving over three hours to get home. After returning to campus, even more students may wonder, is there anything new to do? Well, one thing that always grabs a college student's attention is food.

Abilene is a sort of special circumstance, having three universities leaves thousands of students trying to figure out what their Saturday night plans will be. During the end of last semester and winter break a few things changed around town.

One of the biggest attractions for college students that you can go to right now are the new restaurants located just off of Ambler and Judge Ely Boulevard. A few of the restaurants that are open right now are Phoenix Pho, which offers Vietnamese cuisine -- including boba tea -- and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, a fast, casual restaurant serving Mexican favorites with a hint of Baja. Some of the other restaurants that will be open this spring are the Blue Jean Cafe and Biscuit Bar.

The great part of all of these new restaurants is not only the fact they are all a short walk away from one another, but also the surrounding area. It has long sidewalks and outdoor porches around a newly built pond for patrons to spend time walking off all the great food you have just eaten. But, if none of these new places satisfy your cravings, don’t worry. A brand new Panera Bread is up and running on South Clack St.

These are just a few restaurants that are already built and/or open for business. A lot of other restaurants and shops are under construction or planned to be built in the near future. So, if you ever get bored, take a drive around town and you might spot just what you are looking for..


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