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Women’s Soccer Player Mackensie Moreno Voted ASC Defensive Player of the Week

By Staff Reporter, Kayla Garner

Mackensie Moreno received the title of Defensive Player of the Week for her performance in soccer games against East Texas Baptist University and Le Tourneau University.

Moreno is a sophomore exercise science major at Hardin-Simmons University and is also a left defender for our women’s soccer team.

The title of Defensive Player of the Week is awarded on a conference level, meaning that the Defensive Player of the Week was the best defensive player out of the entire conference. Moreno and another soccer player from McMurry University tied for this award this past week.

Moreno earned this award by efficiently preventing the opposing team from taking shots on goal. Moreno and HSU’s defense only allowed the teams they played last week to attempt a total of eight shots on goal.

A shot on the goal means that a team is kicking the ball in an attempt to score a goal, whether the ball hits the goal or sails past it. Moreno’s skill as a defensive player this week limited ETBU and LETU to only four shots on goal each.

Moreno is very passionate about playing soccer. She has been playing soccer almost her entire life, beginning when she was about five or six years old. “I just loved playing soccer. It’s a nice break from school, and my friends are mainly from soccer, so it’s just a main part of my life,” Moreno said.

Moreno’s love for soccer played an important part in her decision to come to HSU. Moreno explained why she chose HSU. “For soccer mainly. Our women’s soccer team is a really good soccer team, and Woody is a great coach,” Moreno said.

While Moreno is very dedicated to soccer, she did not want to play at a larger university or a D1 school. She explained that if she had, soccer would be her life, and playing would be more of a job than it would be pure enjoyment. “HSU is smaller but still serious. Soccer here is more fun,” Moreno said.

Moreno’s favorite part about playing soccer at HSU is her relationship with her teammates. She was really close to last year’s seniors and misses them a lot. “All the girls [on the team] care a lot and are all really talented,” Moreno said.

Moreno reflected on this year’s soccer season. “It’s going good right now. Right now, we are undefeated. We have won eight games in a row now, and [only] lost twice in pre-season. I think we can win the [American Southwest] Conference. It will just take hard work and grit,” Moreno said.


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