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Afrofest 2023

By Reece Hester

The African Student Union (ASU) joined the Hardin-Simmons University family this year, presenting and ready to share their rich culture here in the United States.

The African Student Union is a club that aims to share their home cultures from Africa ranging from Nigeria to Kenya and many other unique cultures. Shalom Ochu, a sophomore with a psychology major, who is the president of ASU, shares that his organization has many plans for the future.

Ochu stated that one of the reasons for founding ASU was because the African students wanted to give back to HSU. Everyday they have enjoyed participating and learning about American culture. In return, they wanted to give back and share their own cultures from home. These students have put in amazing effort to learn about the United States from history to modern culture.

So, in return, our African students wanted to share their culture with Hardin-Simmons in an effort to show the rich heritage and uniqueness of music and dances from their home countries. Shalom shared that the club’s goal is to help others, “remember, to understand culture, as culture is not entertainment.” Cultures stem from the lives of people around us and are a part of who we are and who we may become. Culture presents the beauty of life and home, it shows our families and friendships and the beautiful meadows of community.

Afrofest is going to be an event with a big surprise. Most of which is top secret and only for the eyes of those who come to the big event. Afrofest is a community opportunity where students can see and learn about the many cultures of Africa. Ranging from the strong emotional expressions of communication of African music to unique meaningful dances.

There will be a big surprise at the very end of the night for those who come, presenting an unique glimpse into African ceremonial attires. There is not an adequate way to explain the wonder and awesomeness of the cultures of Africa. You will need to come and see it for yourself. There will also be a special guest performance during the event.

If you are interested, Afrofest was on November 9th in the Johnson multipurpose room. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come with big open arms. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the African Student Union, they have bi-weekly meetings Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in Moody 233. Where they often play Kahoot! about African cultures and plan events.


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