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All Things Intramurals By: Alex Guillory

This year, Hardin-Simmons University has a new coordinator for Intramural and Recreation Sports, Seth Tiemeyer.

If you have never participated in intramural competition, it can be an enjoyable experience getting to know other students while engaging in healthy athletic competition.

According to Tiemeyer,“Intramurals here at HSU are recreational sports leagues and tournaments that take place within the university for free. They provide an opportunity for students to stay active through friendly sports-based competition,”

“They also allow students to connect and grow relationally with one another. Any HSU student, alumni, faculty or staff member are eligible with the exception of student athletes of the same sport. For example, HSU football players wouldn't be able to play Intramural flag football, but they would be able to play intramural basketball.”

Tiemeyer is excited at what opportunities lie ahead this semester.“I felt called to accept this position because of the profound impact intramurals had on me as a student. Intramurals were my escape from the craziness of life as a college student. Whether it was stress from studying for an upcoming test or just needing to take a break from responsibility after a long day at work, intramurals provided an escape from everything in life weighing me down,”

Tiemeyer said. “The majority of the friends I made in college came about from playing intramurals as well. Because of its monumental impact on me, I felt a calling to make intramurals here at HSU even more impactful and engaging than they already were. I felt called because I know what intramurals can do for a student longing for fun and community in an ever-increasingly lonely and anxious world.”

College does not have to be exclusively about studying and acing tests. Tiemeyer was able to use intramurals as an escape when he was struggling through college, and now he feels called to provide a healthy break from stress for current and future college students. Tiemeyer also elaborated on the benefits that students gain when they participate in intramurals.

“I believe intramurals to be the unspoken lifeline of the university because of the disguised benefits they provide to students burdened with stress and anxiety,” Tiemeyer said. “When we engage in physical activity, we become distracted from the daily stressors that school and work can cause.”

This is not just something that Tiemeyer bases on his personal experiences. It is a reality supported by research.“Recreational sports and activities can reduce the levels of stress hormones in our bodies and increase endorphin production without us even realizing it. The more endorphins we produce, the more positive our moods become thus keeping depression and stress a minimum. So, in theory, the more intramurals you play, the happier you will be. (Friendly reminder that only true lasting happiness can be found by putting your identity and faith in Christ.)

In addition, intramurals here at HSU provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves students' overall fitness,” Tiemeyer said. “Then you add in the social benefits of students being able to connect with teammates and friends in a recreational setting, and you start to realize how advantageous intramurals truly are to student life here on campus.”

In addition, Tiemeyer also shared information about a new opportunity which he is excited about. He explained that they are introducing a board game branch to Intramurals for those students who are not interested in team sports.

“I'm most excited for CATANATHON because it's a brand new event revolving around the board game Catan. This will be the first event we do that has nothing to do with athleticism. Instead, it is a simple battle of the minds...with some luck added in. There will also be a super epic prize for the winner of this event, which causes a little bit of jealousy on my end.”

At the end of the day, intramurals are a wonderful outlet to escape the anxieties of college and expand one’s social circle. Tiemeyer is optimistic about this upcoming school year and all of the Intramural competitions to come.

If you would like to stay up to date with all things HSU intramurals, follow them @hsu_intramurals on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.


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