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Finals Week Tips

By Reece Hester

As the lovely winter holidays approach, and some are preparing to graduate, there is still much work to be done. Before one can properly prop their feet up, and toast them by the open fire, students must first make it through finals week.

Here are some tips and tricks for finals week. The first is to plan ahead, all the challenging assignments and finals are creeping up on you, requiring more time than many previous assignments. Make sure to organize your time and prioritize assignments. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, so work on small bits of projects and assessments a week or two before they are due. You can also sit down and plan out your projects, a simple Google search for essay outlines may help with organizations. You may also pop down by the ACE Writing Center in the library for help.

As there are assignments, there are also exams, study small bits, quizlets or practice equations with friends before exams. Remember the ACE in the library can help you in studying for finals.

It is easy to become fearful and anxious during finals week, so do not forget to eat breakfast and snack throughout the day. Keeping a healthy diet allows the brain to flow with excellent thought. As tempting as it is to work on assignments till midnight, and hang out with friends in the evening, remember to prioritize time and sleep well. Your brain cleanses itself during sleep, allowing you to store and remember more information for your many exams.

In addition, take study breaks and hang out with friends, it is tempting to hide away in a room and isolate for exam season, however, it is essential to have quality [human interaction that can lift your spirits. It is the Christmas holidays, and learning to be jolly is a specialty for this time of the year. Grab a good cup of hot cocoa with some friends and sing some karaoke together, that can always lift a spirit or two and even bring out some giggles. 

Something to remember is that even though right now is stressful, every moment has its joyous and mournful moments. Exams and assignments are a job that can help with scholarships, but they do not mean the end of the world or your career, for those freshmen to juniors, there is always next semester. Your life is determined by what you put into it, not just what is already present in the world. 


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