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HSU has a New Moxie Crew By: Haleigh Smith

Hardin-Simmons University is known for being inclusive and making a place for everyone on campus.

One of the ways that HSU does this is by having such a wide variety of clubs and student organizations across campus. As HSU continues to create this inclusive atmosphere, more groups are beginning to form on campus.

One new organization on campus this semester is a chapter of College Moxie at HSU. College Moxie is an organization on college campuses across the United States that provides a safe place for young women to feel comfortable expressing themselves and walking through new seasons and challenges together. HSU College Moxie wants each girl on campus to learn how to live empowered as the best version of herself.

Moxie at HSU is led by four women: Evan Morgan, Mercy Mummert, Cali Carter, and Lauren Sullivan. Morgan is a sophomore from Granbury who is currently studying political science and English at HSU. In College Moxie, she serves as the current president and chapter ambassador. Mummert is a sophomore from Albuquerque, serves as the vice president of College Moxie event planning, and is a biology major. Carter is a freshman exercise science major from Stephenville, and she is the acting vice president of social media and marketing. Lastly, Sullivan is a freshman from Frisco who is studying biology and serves as the vice president of finance in the organization.

A College Moxie chapter was brought to Abilene because Morgan was asked by the national organization to open the first and only chapter in West Texas. She took that charge and organized a group of like-minded women to open the club alongside her.

“I hate to see that girls didn't get along and there was little connection outside of sports and social clubs and I wanted to change that,” Morgan said.

This amazing group of young women have all come together with one goal in mind: To establish a “safe space on campus for girls to come to express when they are struggling with mental health.” They felt that there was not an outlet for this before College Moxie, so they established a sustainable group for girls that are supportive of struggling with college and mental health. They believe College Moxie will provide a comfortable place for girls to be seen and feel worthy through Christ.

A way they plan on achieving growth in women on campus is to host seminars for women to learn more about themselves and their identity and how to know their worth.

If you are interested in becoming a part of HSU’s chapter of College Moxie you can reach out to the leadership team through their Instagram account: @hsucollegemoxie


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