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Importance of Women in Education

By Felicity Neptune, News Editor

With International Women’s Day introducing the month of March, it is important that we recognize the women who have supported us since preschool…teachers.

Those working in education do not get enough recognition for shaping the world’s future. From preschool teachers all the way to administration, each generation is being influenced by every lesson, dress code and disciplinary policy.

Sophomore art major, Leandria Thurman, is thankful for Dr. Tiffany Fink, professor of history. “Dr. Fink isn’t just a professor, she’s more than that,” wrote Thurman in an email interview, “She’s someone who really cares about her students and the expansion of their knowledge. She always goes above and beyond to make sure her students have everything they need to succeed, but not just in history, but in life too. I value her so much because she cares. You don’t get a chance to meet professors like that.”

Since 2001, Dr. Fink has taught at HSU courses regarding the histories of the United States and Latin America such as Texas and the Southwestern U.S., the American West, Native American Studies and Mexico and the Caribbean.

Outside of class, Dr. Fink sponsors students at history conferences and gives advice about the vast history professions available for history majors. Every year, Dr. Fink organizes the Guy Caldwell Western Heritage Lecture series, celebrating HSU’s western heritage as well as the surrounding Abilene region.

“If there’s anything I admire about her, it’s her tenacity. Her ‘go’ attitude. The reason being because I, myself, am like that. She advocates for those who don’t have a voice. She uses her voice and platform to speak for marginalized groups. I truly love her for it,” Thurman wrote.

Because of Dr. Fink, Thurman has become more inquisitive and asks more questions. “The most important lesson I have learned from her [Dr. Fink] is that there’s always more to the story. More than the history books tell you. More than the history teachers teach you. More than some of the articles we read reveal to you. Research, research and more research,” Thurman wrote.

Thurman explained why she believes women in education is important. “It is important to be role models because little girls need examples. All girls need examples… If [women] are not put in these positions, how will the next generation know what to do? We need leaders. We need examples,” Thurman wrote.

Thurman continued, stating she is grateful for the lessons she has learned from Dr. Fink.

“If there’s anything I would like to tell Dr. Fink, it would be ‘Thank you. Thank you for fighting and teaching—really teaching. I learned so much from you and I enjoyed your class and I would most definitely take it again,’” Thurman wrote.


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