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Mental Health and Suicide Awareness By: Reece Hester

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Suicide incidences and mental disorders are increasing across the United States. Between the ages of 15-24, suicide in the U.S. was the third leading cause of death in 2020. Among the college student population, suicide is the leading cause of death. It is important for every student to focus on spiritual, emotional and physical health as any of these lacking can lead to tragic outcomes.

As midterms and second rounds of exams approach, students should be aware of how they treat themselves and the level of stress that may arise. Exam season is when suicides on college campuses are at their highest. Every student holds the potential and ability to respect themselves and promote overall mental health within themselves. There are many ways in which a student can keep a healthy mental lifestyle.

First, students can make sure they are sleeping 7-8 hours per day and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lack of sleep and eating are causes and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Isolation is also a key determiner of mental health, so students should find a healthy balance between fun social activities and studying.

Living in the campus community at Hardin-Simmons University can be life-changing in a student’s perception of self and mood. Regular physical activity and sunlight are also influences on mental health. Students could leave for class early and take some time to walk outside and enjoy the sun. Time is also a major stress producer and left unorganized, stress can manifest itself. Organize your time, make a calendar of classes, work and homework time.

Students have the responsibility to help one another and keep an eye out for signs of struggle with mental health. Those often challenged with mental health and contemplation of suicide often express signs of shame, guilt and hopelessness. They may give important items away and often say goodbye to others.

Dangerous and risky behaviors are signs that someone is struggling with mental health. Students, who may find themselves or a friend contemplating suicide, can anonymously call the emergency numbers 9-1-1 or HSU Police at 325-670-1461. In non-emergencies, people can also call 325-671-2272 or email


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