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Rush 2023

By Lauren Sincerney

Every year during the fall and winter months, the Greek life groups host rush events to attract people who are interested in joining their various organizations.

At Hardin-Simmons University, there are six different groups students can join. There are the two male groups, Kappa Phi Omega (Kappa) and Zeta Omega Phi (ZOO). There are also four female groups, Sigma Alpha (Sigma), Phi Phi Phi (Tri Phi), Alpha Iota Omega (AIO) and Delta.

Rush season typically starts after homecoming and lasts through January. Each group hosts many rush events that students on campus are encouraged to attend. These social gatherings help showcase the group's members while allowing potential members to bond with each group. This process helps the non-members select a club with a good fit for them. HSU groups typically hold parties once or twice a month during the rush season.

When rush comes to an end, then there is a day called Bid Day. It is the day students declare which group they would like to join. They then receive a bid from them. It is also the day where bigs and littles are assigned. A big is a current member of the club that would be like your big brother or sister. They are meant to help their littles through the exciting new world of their group and also to just be a friend to them.

This year Bid Day is scheduled for Feb. 2. Traditionally, there is a large party to celebrate all of the new members. After Bid Day, there is a month of pledging where new members bond with their group and learn all about their new family.

If students are serious about joining a group then they would need to complete the mandatory training requirement for membership. Students can find the specified training on their student dashboards. Potential candidates would then have to complete the training before bid day or risk forfeiting their opportunity to join. Also, follow the groups on Instagram and join their rush GroupMe to see when they host their rush-related events.

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