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Sabers By: Megan Jewell

If you want to have your voice heard on campus and to engage in planning events for the University creatively, Sabers may be the organization for you to join! Sabers is a great way to make friends and have fun organizing campus events.

Sabers is the Student Activity Board on campus, and it is a student organization that partners with Student Life to create free events for students throughout the year. Applications to join are being accepted now.

“Joining means you get to gain event planning and leadership skills and make your own mark on what HSU student life looks like,” Karson Gopffarth, a senior biology major from Keller, said. “Not to mention you get lots of free food, merch, and such an amazing group of friends.”

Gopffarth also shared his experience from being part of Sabers. “I have had the pleasure of being Marketing and Promotions committee member head of Sabers for the past two years and have been able to design countless graphics and tee shirts,” Gopffarth said. “I joined because I saw Sabers members were always people who included everyone and wanted to give the best college experience to their peers, and I wanted to do that as well.”

Sabers plans a variety of fun events throughout the year for the student body. “Some of my favorite events in the past have been Earth Day, Gilbert’s Birthday Party and Pancake Study Break,” Gopffarth said. “Pancake Study Break is our last event this semester and will be in the cafeteria one night during finals week with free breakfast and lots of giveaway prizes.”

Be planning to attend the Pancake Study Break later this semester for some fun during finals week, and consider joining the Sabers team if you enjoy organizing and planning events and want to make new friends.


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