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Social Work Club Seeks Donations for Feminine Hygiene Drive by: Delani Bauer      

Updated: Mar 1

It is important to give back to those in need.  The Abilene Social Work Department is working in collaboration with our campus to donate feminine hygiene products.  There is a huge need for these products due to increasing prices and high demands.  The prices of feminine products add up quickly, and no woman should have to choose between this and providing for her family.

Every woman deserves access to feminine hygiene products.  There are many women living in our community that do not possess the products they require.  This can cause significant health problems and decrease their self worth.  If a woman is missing basic necessities, it is harder for them to reach their full potential.  Women already face disadvantages in our society, and lack of availability to hygiene products should not be one.

Most of us take for granted the many blessings that we have in our daily lives. As a Christian campus, it is our job to serve those in need and do our part in providing women with necessities.  It is a small action that can benefit many women.

Feminine products are one of the least donated items to food banks and homeless shelters.  It is important to bring attention to this need.  You can better a woman’s life by making a donation.

Donations can range from small cash amounts to useful women’s products.  You could bring menstruation products, hair care items, deodorant, chap stick, toothpaste, razors, and so much more.  Anything that you are able to contribute will make a huge difference.

You can donate to this drive in two ways.  One way is to bring your items to the Women’s Day Event on March 7, taking place from 4-6 p.m. in the Johnson Building 103.  This event is a great way to empower women and make a difference in our community.  Women’s Day is important because it celebrates everything that women have accomplished and the breakthroughs that we have made in society.  All of this is made possible through the happiness and comfort that the access to proper feminine products provides.

Another option is to bring a donation to the Social Work Office located in Skiles 107.  Donations are accepted through March 31, so you have time to gather your items and make an impact on someone’s life.  Your donation can help women to reach their full potential.


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