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Sophomore Ring Dunk by: Lauren Sincerney

Updated: Mar 7

Every year, Hardin-Simmons University hosts an event called Sophomore Ring Dunk. All second year students are invited to get an HSU ring keychain and dunk their hand into purple paint to celebrate being here for two years. It is also a way to look toward the future when students receive their official class ring. 

“It was a cool experience to dip your hand into purple paint,” said Selena Leal, a sophomore Elementary Education major from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

This year, the Ring Dunk will be held on March 4 at noon. It will be located at the alumni wall near the center of campus. There will be free snacks and Chick-fil-a sandwiches. There will also be music and activities. It will be one big party that many students go to every year. 

“I liked being able to get my ring before my actual ring,” said Courtney Govea, a senior Graphic Design major from Saledo. “It was a once in a lifetime event that students get to do. Plus, you get a free keychain out of it.” 

The ring dunk is a symbol of the future class ring that seniors receive for free the semester they graduate. Ring ordering runs through Laurie Harris, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, in the alumni office. The official HSU website states: “The official ring is a reminder of HSU’s noteworthy history and the significant accomplishments of HSU students and alumni. The ring is a symbol of pride and accomplishment. It captures the heart of HSU and allows graduates to take the spirit of campus with them wherever they go.” 

If you are a second year student then you do not want to miss this event. It is a great experience and allows you to celebrate how far you have come and also look forward to the journey you still have to go. 

“My favorite part of the event is the tradition behind it and getting to see the pictures from the event,” said Megan McKinney, the Director of Student Engagement and host of the Sophomore Ring Dunk.


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