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Student Spotlight: Jailyn Woods-McGarthy By: Jia Spangler

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

eing involved at Hardin-Simmons University provides incredible opportunities and experiences for students. Jailyn Woods-McGarthy, a senior strategic communications major from Hutchins, is a perfect example of this.

Woods-McGarthy is currently in her fourth year at Hardin-Simmons and is involved in a variety of clubs and organizations. She is an HSU Instagram Ambassador, a student worker in University Marketing, a senior class senator in student government affairs, a member of HSCru, the president of Proven and was selected as the University Queen for 2022. Being involved in multiple clubs and organizations is really beneficial to students because it allows them to meet new people, be exposed to different environments and improve their leadership skills.

Working in University Marketing as the assistant to the project coordinator has allowed Woods-McGarthy to be exposed to a work environment that she might be interested in pursuing after graduation. “Working in the marketing office has allowed me to see a variety of different jobs that I might be interested in doing one day,” Woods-McGarthy said. Having an on-campus job can be really beneficial for students because it gives them an insight into what a future job in their field might be like for them.

Something Hardin-Simmons constantly works towards is encouraging students in their faith. Woods-McGarthy expressed how she grew up in a church home, went through a season of figuring out who she was and then had a breakthrough her junior year of college. “I would say that my faith has changed in seeing how [God] works. Not only through me, but also through others which then allows them to work through me,” Woods-McGarthy said. Hardin-Simmons offers an environment where working through your faith is encouraged, which is really beneficial for students who are seeking to strengthen their relationship with the Lord.

The advice she would give to an incoming freshman at Hardin-Simmons is to find the balance between juggling school work and your social life. “I know we come to school to learn, but try new things that are safe and good for you that will better you in life,” Woods-McGarthy said. “Also, do not do homework where you lay your head.” Woods-McGarthy discussed the importance of making your dorm or apartment your safe space and separating that from the environment in which you work. All college students can definitely benefit from this advice.

“My favorite thing about HSU would have to be feeling as if you actually are part of a family,” Woods-McGarthy said. “I could go to any faculty/staff member, a majority of the students and be like, ‘Can we talk? I just need to talk to someone about something.’” Hardin-Simmons offers a lot of great opportunities, but the feeling of being part of a family is invaluable. It is encouraging to know that students feel this way at Hardin-Simmons, which truly is a unique and close family.


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