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Throwback Thursday: Homecoming Edition By: Emily Williamson

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Hardin-Simmons University homecoming traditions have been around for many years, although some have changed throughout the decades. When the school first began its homecoming festivities, there was no Hardin-Simmons football team. All-School SING was what made homecoming weekend special for alumni, students, and families.

In the 80s and early 90s, students in the residence halls would decorate their doors to celebrate the weekend. Past and present HSU Cowboys and Cowgirls would gather together and eat barbecue and play games together. There was an endless list of events which alumni both attended and even hosted.

Although the homecoming events that today’s students are familiar with might look very different, especially this year, the heart behind the weekend remains the same. Even with a change in date and COVID precautions, the excitement on campus is rising. Clubs are preparing diligently for SING performances, and athletic teams are prepping for the upcoming games. Alumni and families have booked hotel rooms, and campus organizations are ready to welcome Cowboys and Cowgirls of all ages to campus for a celebration.

Perhaps the changes to homecoming this year are actually a blessing. Of course, it will be nice to watch a homecoming football game in weather that is not outrageously hot. But aside from that, this year serves as a reminder to remember what homecoming is really about: the unity between several different classes and generations of Hardin-Simmons Cowboys and Cowgirls.


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