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Tried and True or Something New? By: Megan Jewell

Abilene is home to many local coffee shops, and students often enjoy spending time at these shops to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee and a quiet, comfy study space.

Recently, a few new coffee shops have opened, including Majestic, Summer Moon and Moose Mountain. The Brand Staff surveyed Hardin-Simmons University students to find out which coffee shop is their favorite and if students prefer something tried-and-true or something new.

They were given choices between Majestic, Summer Moon and Moose Mountain along with more established shops such as Front Porch, Monks, Mad Coffee, Mesamiz, Big Country Coffee and Fox Coffee.

The results show that Monks is the favorite coffee shop among Hardin-Simmons students winning the most votes with Summer Moon and Front Porch tying with second most votes.

“I love everyone who works [at Monks], the drinks are reasonably priced, and they have fun events,” Emilie Jones, a senior musical theater major from Wylie, said.

Front Porch fell into the second-place category for its study atmosphere. “[Front Porch] is the best spot to study, and they have a quiet study area,” said Jenna Kendrick, a freshman undecided major from Abilene. “They have a great menu selection, and I have never disliked a drink I ordered. I’ve lived in Abilene my whole life and I’ve probably been to most, if not all, of the coffee shops here.”

It appears that students prefer local coffee shops that have been open for some time over the new shops. Whichever coffee shop someone may find themselves in, they are bound to enjoy great coffee and possibly even a pleasant study atmosphere. One can never truly go wrong when visiting a coffee shop in Abilene, whether it is tried-and-true or something new.

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