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Wandering the West Artist Q&A

By: Lauren Sincerney Wandering the West is an art exhibition featuring the work of local Abilene artist Anthony Brown.

 It contains a collection of works that include a variety of traditional and experimental mixed media paintings based on Brown’s travels across the western landscape. In all, there are 18 pieces in the show that range in sizes, from two feet wide to four feet tall. The exhibit can be viewed in the Ira M. Taylor Gallery at the Frost Center for the Visual Arts from Nov. 13 until Dec. 8. Gallery hours are from eight in the morning until five at night Monday through Friday. 

There will also be a reception on Dec. 7 from five to seven p.m. featuring a Q&A with the artist led by the Director of the Art Program and associate professor of art, Caleb Dulock. Brown will also discuss his work and process that is necessary to make his art. The reception is open to the general public, the HSU community, as well as family and friends. There will also be free snacks and beverages for all guests in attendance. 

“Attending the reception offers not only an opportunity to visit the gallery and view the work from the show in person, but also the opportunity to experience the work within a community and socially oriented time to further consider the artwork with others, examine the intricate details of pieces, and get to meet the artist and talk with him face-to-face,” Dulock said. 

If you are interested in art, want to relax for an evening of looking at beautiful paintings or want to meet and learn from a professional artist, then you should attend the reception on Dec. 7. If you cannot make it to the reception then you may want to check out the exhibit on any of the days it is open. It will be a great opportunity to learn about how art comes to be and also learn a little about a local Abilene artist. It will also be a great opportunity to show support for the Frost Center for the Visual Arts.


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