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When does the Christmas season begin? By: Kaitlyn Beutel

As November begins, so does the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

As the suspense of the holidays fill the air, some people are quick to trade out their pumpkins and replace them with Christmas trees before trick-or-treaters have even left their front porch. Others are adamant that the Christmas season must only begin after Thanksgiving.

While neither answer is necessarily right or wrong, it is still a highly arguable topic between Christmas fanatics. Knowing that this is such a debatable topic, the staff at the Brand decided to survey the students here on campus to find out when they think it is appropriate to listen to Christmas music and put up Christmas decorations.

Out of the students surveyed, the majority believe that the Christmas season needs to wait until after the turkey and pie. Out of 77 students surveyed, 68 percent voted that the Christmas season must start after Thanksgiving, while 32 percent voted that the Christmas season begins right after Halloween.

“Christmas season cannot start after Halloween because then it would be Christmas season at Thanksgiving,” Jonathan Durance, a freshman math major from Winnipeg, said. “That doesn’t make sense because you can’t have the Thanksgiving season and Christmas season at the same time. You're not allowed to have two seasons at once.”

“Thanksgiving doesn’t get enough hype,” Emma Owens, a freshman biology major from Austin, said. “We can’t be celebrating Christmas right after Halloween.”

“I’m a fan of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time,” Abbey Pardue, a freshman Christian studies and theatre education major from Lubbock, said.

While it is clear that students have strong arguments on both sides, it seems that most students like to stick to the tradition and save Christmas for December. No matter what you choose, I think we can all agree that the Christmas season is a special and fun time, no matter when it is celebrated.


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