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Hardin-Simmons University’s Latin Student Union, Sangre

By Ellie Ratliff, Sports Editor

Students here at Hardin-Simmons University recently founded Sangre, our Latin Student Union. Sangre was founded in 2018, led by advisor Khamisie Green, the assistant director of housing at HSU.

Sophomore Juan Sánchez from Georgetown is the president of Sangre, while also being on the baseball team here at HSU. He shared why they began this club. “Our group was formed, with the help of our advisor Khamisie Green, out of the necessity for the representation of Hispanic culture on campus. We knew there were more Latinos on campus, so we decided to create a home away from home for our family,” Sánchez said.

So many students have poured into Sangre. Sánchez expanded on the vision the club has, as well as how they are making an impact. “We want people to know that we are here to unite, educate and share our experiences and lives as Hispanics/Latinos. Our events are for anyone willing to participate in learning about and experiencing the different Latino cultures,” Sánchez said.

Sangre hosted many different events during Hispanic Heritage Month, including a forum on Oct. 15, with Sangre officers and guest speakers on the panel, including President Bruntmyer. “This forum served as a student panel to have a conversation about diversity, inclusion and oneness,” Sánchez said.

Sangre is not merely focused on reaching the HSU community, but has expanded to include the entire surrounding community of Abilene. “We are bringing the Latino community together to create a family. Because of the many impacts we have made on campus, Sangre is also creating history here at HSU. We were founded to serve the Hispanic/Latino community on the campus and the community of Abilene,” Sánchez said.

Sangre will be holding several events in the near future. “Back by popular demand, on Friday Nov. 1, we will be selling fruit cups in front of the cafeteria in Moody. If it goes as well as we expect, we will do it again sometime in the near future,” Sánchez said.

Sangre will also continue to hold Zumba for HSU students. “We are planning to have our third Zumba, as we have one every semester as a de-stress event for students before finals. This will take place sometime in late November or early December,” Sánchez said.


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