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HSU Quill & Ink Writers' Guild By: Jia Spangler

Hardin-Simmons University is made up of so many unique and creative students.

One excellent example of student uniqueness and creativity may be found in the membership roles of the Quill & Ink Writers’ Guild, a club on campus that is made up of those who share a love of writing.

The club was started in 2015 by Quil Holbrook, a Hardin-Simmons alum who studied English and graduated in 2019. Holbrook met another former student, Dean Patterson, who was also an English major at the time in 2015, and they found that they both loved reading and writing.

“Our Freshman year, we talked until the early hours of the morning about our writings and interests and since there wasn't a creative writing club at HSU…we decided the school needed one,” Holbrook said. “We wanted a space where students could come together in an accepting and encouraging space, make friends, share ideas and their love for reading and writing and have a safe place for constructive criticism when sought out.” The club has certainly continued on this mission.

After Holbrook graduated in 2019, there were a few members of the club who wanted to continue the legacy.

“I feel like what’s unique about the club is that it’s a safe space for people to come together and share their love of writing,” Lauren Mantooth, a senior English major from Abilene, said. “There’s no judgment about quality or content, we’re not forced to share our work, and anything we do share is met with constructive feedback, encouragement and support.”

With five active members, it is evident that the club has created a positive environment and supportive community for students who share a love of writing. “The fact we can just sit down and tap into our creative thinking after a week of school, work, or whatever keeps us busy and just create some fantastic ideas and works continuously astounds me,” Mantooth said.

The Quill & Ink Writers’ Guild is the perfect club for students who enjoy writing and want a community to share that with. To get involved, you can attend meetings or submit a written work to the club. You can also get more information from their Instagram @hsuquillandinkwritersguild.


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