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Lange Hall Recently Remodeled

By Ali Richardson, Staff Writer

Lange Hall has been remodeled over the past couple months. They have upgraded and changed many things about the building cosmetically.

Anna Pumphrey is the resident director of Lange Hall. This is her first year here at Hardin-Simmons University. While she was not here last year, she was able to see the old and the new.

“When I interviewed for the job, they walked me through and it was still half remodeled and half how it used to be, so I got to see a little glimpse of it. But it was really fun over the summer to see it progress, to see how it looked kind of crazy then it was cosmetically beautiful again and ready for students to move in within a matter of weeks,” Pumphrey said.

Pumphrey shared her hopes for her residents.

“My hopes are that students are really comfortable there. That the girls walk in and just feel really happy with where they live. That they are excited to be where they live, excited to decorate their room now that they have a cute color wall and cute furniture. I want girls to feel like they have a cozy, homey place that they can do life and be a part of a community there. And that it’s a home for them and they’re happy to be there,” Pumphrey said.

Remodeling Lange Hall will likely have a great impact on the girls who are staying there due to the upgrades and renovations they have done. Pumphrey believes that the remodel will help girls feel more comfortable where they are.

“I think because the building has been remodeled, it will help students want to spend more time there. I feel like if you don’t like the aesthetics or the way the place you’re in looks, you don’t want to spend a lot of time there. So because they were able to fix things cosmetically, and able to fix the AC and the plumbing, that’ll help them feel more comfortable physically as well. And will help them want to spend more time there which will help in the community aspect of it,” Pumphrey said.

Lauren Moser, a junior strategic communications major, is in her second year of being a Lange Hall RA. She lived in Lange before it was remodeled and spoke on her own experience of the remodel.

“I definitely think the Lange renovations were beneficial. As someone who lived here last year, I can say with complete certainty that things are much better this time around. They updated the building quite a bit, but my favorite renovation would have to be the new windows. It’s crazy how one small change can really change the whole atmosphere of the entire building. Now everything is bright and welcoming as soon as you step in,” Moser said.


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