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Student Opinion: Building Boundaries to Maintain Health

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

By Felicity Neptune, News Editor

I was a huge workaholic last semester. I began working for KTXS News and the Hardin-Simmons University Marketing Department in May. My major is strategic communication with the intention of having a career in journalism, so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to work in the news field.

I was involved with two different sides of news and thriving on it. At HSU I was (and still am) interviewing students, faculty and alumni for various articles that are posted online and at KTXS I was working in production. I learned how to do audio, graphics and even cameras.

News is absolutely one of the most exciting jobs anyone can have. There have been several articles I’ve been assigned for The Brand and Marketing where I could not wait to begin. There are so many things to learn about the world and even the community we live in just by asking someone.

KTXS is a great example of how exciting news can be. I worked the evening shift where there are three newscasts produced. It is fascinating being in the production booth with the director and producer working together to make sure the show stays on time and there are no errors made.

Although I absolutely loved both jobs, it caused a lot of stress. Because I held two jobs, I rarely had a day off because I would work one job when I wasn’t working the other. Not to mention, I had classes and was involved in clubs and other various organizations on and off campus.

During this time, I was attending physical therapy and I admitted to my therapist how overwhelmed I was becoming. We stopped doing the exercises for the moment and talked.

“Boundaries,” she said. “You need to build some boundaries.” She explained that I needed to learn what kind of boundaries I need mentally, physically and emotionally.

I realized that I tend to push myself over my limit which causes stress, physical pain and emotional toll. Thanks to Jessica’s advice, I have learned how to create boundaries for myself and now I work less than 30 hours a week instead of 40 or more. I’m so grateful she sat down with me that day and listened. Her advice has helped far more than she will ever know.


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