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The Fightin’ Cowboys By: Reece Hester

The Hardin-Simmons University football team has had a huge success this semester, with multiple wins through this fall semester.

Although with the many wins, there also were many challenges. According to Coach Jeff Whitehead, the Offensive Coordinator of the HSU football team, multiple injuries had developed for players this semester, placing the team in tight spots. HSU’s star quarterback also received an injury near the start of the semester, however, they have recovered and are ready to jump back on the field. Coach Whitehead shared that the team has been through “ugly situations but has always found a way to win.”

Through the many successes of the football team, there are two core values and philosophies the coaches attribute to their successes. Coach Whitehead states that “toughness, discipline and effort” are core characteristics that led their team to winning games. To be tough allows players to be able to stand firm in their positions, ready to face the next challenge. Discipline leads to the focus of practice, allowing for the mastery of skills on the field. Maximum effort leads to putting in the best that person can possibly be. Coach Whitehead further explains that “every person should be the best version of themselves every day.”

For someone to be the best version of themselves week in and week out, they must focus on consistency. They must be tough, stay disciplined, and always put in a maximum amount of effort. Although this advice is mainly for football, these values can even bring the average HSU student to great success in their life. HSU’s football players are aiming high, climbing towards better versions of themselves for continuous growth in knowledge, wisdom and strength. If one player is not giving the best of themselves, everyone on the team is affected. Coach Whitehead shares that the team’s goal is to contest for the national level in and out. Focusing on the development of each person, not as a player, but as the core spirit of a person. The coaches have set up realistic game scenarios for their team to play through, allowing them to be prepared for their games.


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