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Visit the Faculty Art Exhibition

By Madison Boboltz , Staff Writer

Beginning Monday, Sept. 30, the Frost Center for Visual Arts will showcase a Faculty Art Exhibition. This will feature words from professors including Steve Neves, Linda Fawcett and Caleb Dulock. The artwork will be displayed until Friday, Oct. 25.

In addition, a reception will be held on the evening of Homecoming, Saturday, Oct. 19. This will be an opportunity for students, as well as visitors, to gather, appreciate the art and learn more about each artist’s particular inspiration.

Steve Neves, whose specialty is crafting sculptures from bronze, said that people can expect to encounter a wide range of art making processes, including sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, digital work and more.

Neves believes having a faculty exhibition is especially meaningful for art students.

“In particular, for our art students, I think it’s valuable that they recognize that we, their faculty, are practicing artists. We know what we are talking about and we have experience. They actually get to see what we do, and what we enjoy,” Neves explained.

When asked why non-art students should consider visiting the exhibition, he replied that exposure to art can challenge a person in new and important ways.

“I like art, so coming to things like this is just a natural thing for me. If you aren’t interested in art, it’s still a worthwhile way to see what people are thinking and feeling. Art is a form of communication that it would helpful for people to delve into and try to understand,” Neves said.

Neves elaborated.

“A person can view a piece of artwork and can ask what is going on in the artist’s mind. They may think in ways that they might not typically think. There are different ways to perceive thoughts and ideas apart from simple verbal communication,” Neves said.


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