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Women’s Soccer Seeks 20th Consecutive ASC Championship Title By: Megan Jewell

Soccer season is in full swing, and the Hardin-Simmons University girls’ soccer team is seeking their 20th consecutive American Southwest Conference (ASC) championship title.

The Cowgirls believe they have the talent and mindset to do so this season. Members of the girls’ soccer team share why they believe they have been able to have such success and reflect on their experience with this year’s team. The secret to consistent success often lies within the culture of a team. Mercy Mummert, a biology major from Albuquerque, N.M. and captain of the Cowgirls’ soccer team, believes this wholeheartedly.

“I think our success consistently comes from our culture. Even with the new coaching change our performance ceiling has been raised because we carry the history and legacy of the cowgirls before us and use it as motivation to create our own legacy,” Mummert said. “To us, being champions isn’t just a once a season thing, it’s a lifestyle that we pursue and encourage each other to accelerate in everyday life and it translates on the field.”

This culture that the team strives to create continues to bring in recruits to join the Cowgirls. Belle Floyd, psychology major and freshman from Phoenix, Ariz. reflects on her commitment to Hardin-Simmons.

“I knew that the program is very competitive and has consistently produced a top team,” Floyd said. “Not only that, I loved the sense of community I got from the team when I visited. The girls at HSU were different from any other team I visited. I know soccer will not be forever, but the people I choose to surround myself with will be, so it was important for me to choose a school where my teammates had the same values as me.”

While this season for the girls’ soccer team has potential to be historic, players remind themselves to give 100 percent effort, hold one another accountable and continue to build community within the team regardless of what the outcome is. They want to continue the legacy of success not only this year but for years to come.

‘’We hold each other accountable, push each other, love each other, serve and honor each other because we genuinely care about each other and spend so much time together off the field,” Mummert said. “We know how much work it takes and have put it in everyday since last season. We’re looking forward to this season but we’re not stopping at 20, we want to move forward every year with the mentality that we’re going to do all it takes to win Conference year in and year out.”

Not only are they looking forward to winning their 20th consecutive ASC Championship title, but they are striving towards a national championship title this season. Culture and community are catalysts for continued success, and our Cowgirls are focused on supporting one another and challenging each other to be the best versions of themselves. With this, they believe that their goals of winning a conference and national title will be achieved.

Come and see our Cowgirls’ soccer team in action against McMurry University this Saturday, Oct. 1 at 5 p.m. at the home field.


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